The God of the Whisper

I grew up in the mountains.  Land-locked on all sides.  One would have to drive at least 20 hours in one direction or the other to reach an ocean from Colorado.  The mountains are my home.  The ocean is my vacation.  The mountains are my security.  The ocean is a mysterious beauty to me.  The ways of the mountains I understand.  The undercurrents of the ocean, I do not.

So when I decided to move to Australia for a few months in 2003 to complete a Discipleship Training School with the missions agency, Youth With A Mission, I was again reminded what a wild majesty the sea is (and what a weak swimmer I am!)

The training school was to last 6 months all together: three months of lectures and then three months of outreach in another country.  During that season of my life, I longed to go deeper with the Father.  I wanted to know Jesus in a new way.  Traveling teachers visited the training school for a week at a time and spoke of incredible and miraculous things of God.  Of His mighty movements and His powerful hand.  I prayed often for more of Him.

One morning during the lecture phase, I woke earlier than my classmates and wandered to the beach where the ocean lay nearly still.  Only small, playful waves lapped the sand.  I could just feel the invitation of God to stay awhile.  These were not the powerful waves from the day before.  I could get my feet wet, paddle about, without fear.

After my early morning swim, I changed and continued the day.  There was a time of corporate worship.  I had my arms stretched high, singing to Jesus, earnestly asking Him for more.  “Overpower me!!” I prayed.

And just as clearly as my own thought, a sentence ran through my mind, “I’m not going to do that.”

“Why?!!” I asked.

“Because you are afraid.”

The answer made me cry.  The voice continued- “I will come to you like the small waves you enjoyed this morning.”

I knew it was my Father.  So gentle and so wise.  I wanted to know Him more, but I was scared as to what that would mean.

Just like Elijah in the Bible.  He had personally encountered the mighty moves of God.  Powerful miracles that left no doubt in anyone’s mind who was the true and living God.  Yet despite all of God’s might, Elijah still ran away from chaos of it all and hid in a cave.

The Lord came to Elijah there and asked what he was doing.  The Lord called Elijah to the mouth of the cave.  There was a great windstorm.  Then a great earthquake.  Then a great fire.  But the Bible clearly notes that the Lord was not in any of those.  Then there was a gentle whisper, and it was the Lord (I Kings 19).

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Sometimes we just need the quiet voice of our Father.  Even when we think we should have the wave of His power.  Not to say that at times, that is the appropriate way that God reveals Himself.  But I believe that the Father longs to show most Himself in the tender moments of stillness as we sit quietly with Him.  There are secrets to be shared.

May we all know more of His gentle whisper.  When the world is loud, and we think God should be louder still.  When the world knocks us down, and we assume God will do the same.  May we come to understand and catch the low notes of his lullaby.  May we realize the tenderness of our Heavenly Father in a new way.

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