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Learn How to Hear God’s Voice (Course)

Have you ever wondered if there is something more to your walk with God? Like something is missing? Did you ever wish that you could know God’s direction for your life and future? Have you ever hoped to  hear from God in detail (like they did in the Bible)? These were the questions I asked, over 14 years ago, when I…

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Why Millenials Are Leaving the Church

This question has been heavy on my heart for awhile now, so when I saw that Tyndale was offering the book, Abandoned Faith* in return for a review on my blog, I was happy to get it!  It is incredibly insightful.  The authors of the book have spent extensive time with both the up and coming generation and their parents.  They…

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Awesome New Children’s Bible

We got The Story Travelers Bible* last month from Tyndale in exchange for a review here, and I have to say, we are really enjoying it! Actually, this Bible has now supplanted the previous children’s Bible that we were reading with our kids in the morning!  My 5-year-old is really into it and my 3-year-old is able to follow along…

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God Loves Americans Too

I am an American.  And I am not ashamed to be an American. There was a time that I was not able to say that and truly mean it.  Americans in generations past had no problem accepting this truth, but I have.  And I believe many in the post Baby-Boomer generations may feel the same. We grew up in a time…

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Jesus Among Other Gods (Book Giveaway)

I don’t know about you, but lately, with everything going on in the world, I have been hungry for some TRUTH.  Solid, timeless, unwavering truth.  Which is why, when I saw this book Jesus Among Other Gods, I was drawn to it. I love the author, Ravi Zacharias.  If you have never read his books or heard him speak, I think…

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16 Ways to Save Money So that You Can Give More

I’m drawn to the minimalistic lifestyle.  We never made an intentional choice to live minimally, but our semi-nomadic lifestyle (and income level) has shaped how many possessions we currently have.  I am also very aware of becoming like my mother and storing every piece of paper from my children’s school years in boxes in the basement, as well as every stuffed…

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Letting God Heal the Daddy Wound

  Recently my husband was overseas for a couple of weeks, working with our missions agency.  Understandably, the kids had their moments of really missing their father, but most of the time, life seemed to go on as normal.  My five-year old son still went to preschool, and my 3-year old daughter still stayed home with me.  By the end…

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How to Make Wise Decisions (Even Amidst Confusion)

These can be confusing times that we live in, but if we are people of God, we don’t have to live confused.  God has given us His Spirit to help us discern and make wise decisions, even in the midst of confusion. Here’s a few tips to silence the chaos and lean into wisdom: 1. Look for context This comes…

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For the Least of These #Unborn

I’ve really gone back and forth about writing this post.  My heart is not to offend anyone, but I feel so deeply about this topic that it seems I almost “must” say something. Over the past few months, many of my Facebook friends have posted political opinions that I have not agreed with or found to be misinformed, but I…

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