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The Number One Thing I Pray For My Kids

There’s a lot of good advice out there on what and how to pray for our children, with lists of suggested prayer points and Bible verses to go with them. Everything from good manners to good health, grades, friends and beyond can really help direct specific prayers for specific needs. As I was lying on the floor in my children’s bedroom at…

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Love, Sex, and Relationships: Proceed with Wisdom

Love, sex, and relationships.  These 3 topics must be the source of most of the world’s joy and most of it’s pain.  From a toddler’s tantrum to a full-blown world war, we need to know how to navigate these waters. These three “wisdom points” are all taken from Dean Sherman’s book, Relationships: The Key To Love, Sex, and Everything Else.*  It…

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Our Kids Need More than Bible Stories

Sharing the Word of God with our children is extremely important.  The Bible is living and active and can shape their minds and hearts and in turn, their futures. That said, it is not the only point of reference that our children should have when they think about God. Our children need to know Him.  How can one know the invisible God?…

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Let a Superhero Teach Your Kids Godly Character

I was recently inspired to write a little book for children using superheroes to teach Christian character. (See below for a sample of Captain America teaching “Courage”.)  The inspiration came after spending countless hours with my (then) 3-year old son, pretending to be superheroes, all the while wondering how to raise him to know Jesus. Upon researching the myriad of…

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Receive your copy of *Superheroes in Training* today!

Help your child discover their true potential as you point them to the greatest hero of all time- Jesus! For a donation of any size, you can receive a copy of Brooke’s new book.  Not only will you be investing into your own child, but you will also be enabling a project that will help children around the world with little access…

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Protecting our Boys from Male Stereotypes

We have many unspoken stereotypes for those of the male gender, and sadly in the Church as well.  And I get it.  I grew up around terms like “he’s all boy” or “he’s a boy’s boy”. And though I appreciate the sentiment, I’ve weaned them from my conversations. I used to think nothing of these types of descriptions, having grown…

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