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Following the Rules, Missing Jesus

In the Bible, in the Gospel written by Luke, we find two rich men.  They are pitted against each other in chapters 18 and 19 with only the story of a blind man healed to separate the two.  I never considered them having any relation before, but now I wonder. The first rich man is a religious man.  He’s followed…

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If You Still Want More for Your Life – Dirty Glory

A few weeks ago, Tyndale Publishers sent me a copy of Dirty Glory* by Peter Greig to review.  I am definitely interested in growing in prayer, but I didn’t know if a book that tells the story of the 24/7 prayer movement throughout the world would be exactly what I was looking for.  This book has rocked my world!  It is truly one…

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When Life Feels Like Apollo Creed

Sometimes life is a hard-hitter.  All you can do is try to make it through each round without getting knocked out.  Hopefully throw a few good jabs in there at times, but mostly just not get killed.  That’s a little how life has felt lately.  A lot of stinging like a bee, not as much floating like a butterfly. I…

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7 Biblical Ways to Hear God’s Voice

(The following is an adapted selection taken from my ebook “7 Biblical Ways to Hear God’s Voice.”  It’s available now as part of our course, Learning to Hear God’s Voice.  Learning to hear God’s voice literally revolutionized my life, so I really enjoy being a part of others’ journeys to hear Him better as well!) The Role of the Holy Spirit…

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The Danger of Saving the World on Your Own

If Moses were alive today, he might possibly be some type of hipster activist.  He was a go-getter.  He cared about injustice, and he was willing to do something about it, put his neck on the line.  The Egyptians were cruelly oppressing his people, the Israelites, so Moses stepped in and defended one of his fellow countrymen.  He killed an…

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Is it Okay to Want More for My Life?

When is ambition okay?  Can I want more and still be content?  Is wanting to excel in life just pride?  In this post, we’ll address all of these questions. Godly Drive (Ambition): Joseph (Genesis 37 onwards) was the 12th brother in line for the family blessing.  He had no chance of sizing up to his older brothers.  But one night,…

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Five Reasons You Might be Discontent and When It’s Okay (Part 2)

We all know that we should have godly discontent towards ungodly things.  We should feel a drive to see poverty end, to see orphans adopted, to see corruption uprooted from political systems. We should want our lives to count for something.  It’s okay to want to do more and to want to be more.  We were made for Eden.  We were made for Heaven.  Until we…

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When it’s Okay to Be Discontent, Driven, and Complain

Discontent.  Drivenness.  Complaint.  These are usually negative words.  And rightfully so. But sometimes these words get a bad rap, especially in Christian circles. I recently wrote a post about the advantage of living with God’s vision.  A reader commented that the line between growth and contentment can be blurry.  I thought it was a very insightful question and made me think.…

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