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The God of the Whisper

I grew up in the mountains.  Land-locked on all sides.  One would have to drive at least 20 hours in one direction or the other to reach an ocean from Colorado.  The mountains are my home.  The ocean is my vacation.  The mountains are my security.  The ocean is a mysterious beauty to me.  The ways of the mountains I…

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Learn How to Hear God’s Voice (Course)

Have you ever wondered if there is something more to your walk with God? Like something is missing? Did you ever wish that you could know God’s direction for your life and future? Have you ever hoped to  hear from God in detail (like they did in the Bible)? These were the questions I asked, over 14 years ago, when I…

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Following the Rules, Missing Jesus

In the Bible, in the Gospel written by Luke, we find two rich men.  They are pitted against each other in chapters 18 and 19 with only the story of a blind man healed to separate the two.  I never considered them having any relation before, but now I wonder. The first rich man is a religious man.  He’s followed…

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A Fast from Strife

Over the years, I’ve been a part of many different fasts.  Going for hours, days, and even weeks without food.  The motivations have been different: to know more of God, to see Him bring breakthrough in various situations, to release His power in greater ways. But it was not until recently that the Holy Spirit asked me to fast from…

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Letting God Heal the Daddy Wound

  Recently my husband was overseas for a couple of weeks, working with our missions agency.  Understandably, the kids had their moments of really missing their father, but most of the time, life seemed to go on as normal.  My five-year old son still went to preschool, and my 3-year old daughter still stayed home with me.  By the end…

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4 Ideas for When Your Quiet Times Get Boring

It’s amazing, isn’t it? That our times with the infinite Creator of the Universe can sometimes feel…well…boring?! I assure you that it is not God’s fault! He is the most interesting Being ever, so why does it happen?  And how can we avoid it? It happens because we get stuck in a rut.  Or it happens because we make spending…

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Stop Trying So Hard to Be Good

Maybe my new year’s resolution should be this: stop trying to so hard. I’ve always leaned towards over-achievement.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I really like doing things well.  I used to be fairly good at it until I had kids! LOL! But I still like it. I was always very intrinsically motivated as a child to do…

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Why I Stopped Using Bible Study Methods

Before I get into it, let me just say that I am definitely not opposed to studying the Bible.  God’s precious Word should be studied and examined so that we can know Him and follow in His ways.  He is worthy of our diligence, and we can learn the way to live. But I had to take a break from…

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3 Things That Can Hinder Your Prayers

We are God’s children, and He loves to talk with us.  He delights in answering prayers as a good father delights in giving his children gifts.  If even earthly fathers can give good gifts to their children, how much more so a perfect Heavenly Father? But God also hates selfishness because it hurts us and it hurts others.  He does…

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