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16 Ways to Save Money So that You Can Give More

I’m drawn to the minimalistic lifestyle.  We never made an intentional choice to live minimally, but our semi-nomadic lifestyle (and income level) has shaped how many possessions we currently have.  I am also very aware of becoming like my mother and storing every piece of paper from my children’s school years in boxes in the basement, as well as every stuffed…

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If You Still Want More for Your Life – Dirty Glory

A few weeks ago, Tyndale Publishers sent me a copy of Dirty Glory* by Peter Greig to review.  I am definitely interested in growing in prayer, but I didn’t know if a book that tells the story of the 24/7 prayer movement throughout the world would be exactly what I was looking for.  This book has rocked my world!  It is truly one…

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What the Bible Really Says About Support-Raising

I’ve been involved in some form of Christian, non-profit missions work since 1996, when I went on my first short-term trip.  Since 2004, the title “missionary” has been my vocation, my livelihood.  I have heard a lot of different opinions about how missionaries are meant to earn a living.  Some is very helpful and Biblically sound, some merely a reflection…

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What It’s REALLY Like to Live on the Mission Field

It’s cockroaches and invading ants.  It’s weird croaking lizards that wake you up in the middle of the night, night after night because you don’t know how to catch them or even what they look like if you tried.  It’s rats eating the garbage at night because people don’t own trash cans but throw their rubbish into a big heap.…

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I’m Tired of Hearing Good Reports from Missionaries

Now before you call me a heretic, let me explain myself!  I, too, am a missionary and send out good reports of what our mission is up to and what we are personally involved in.  And of course I want to hear the encouraging stories of what God is doing around the world.  (Did you know the Christianity is still the…

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The Danger of Saving the World on Your Own

If Moses were alive today, he might possibly be some type of hipster activist.  He was a go-getter.  He cared about injustice, and he was willing to do something about it, put his neck on the line.  The Egyptians were cruelly oppressing his people, the Israelites, so Moses stepped in and defended one of his fellow countrymen.  He killed an…

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If the World Were a Village of 100 People

One of my favorite ways to share statistics with people about the state of the world is to use the “If the World Were a Village of 100 People” analogy. It was first created in 1990 by Donella Meadows.   Basically, it takes some of the world’s most recognized statistics and breaks them down into a bite-size picture of what…

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