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The God of the Whisper

I grew up in the mountains.  Land-locked on all sides.  One would have to drive at least 20 hours in one direction or the other to reach an ocean from Colorado.  The mountains are my home.  The ocean is my vacation.  The mountains are my security.  The ocean is a mysterious beauty to me.  The ways of the mountains I…

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Following the Rules, Missing Jesus

In the Bible, in the Gospel written by Luke, we find two rich men.  They are pitted against each other in chapters 18 and 19 with only the story of a blind man healed to separate the two.  I never considered them having any relation before, but now I wonder. The first rich man is a religious man.  He’s followed…

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40 Scriptures for Lent

  I didn’t grow up in a home that practiced the tradition of Lent, but I am drawn to the idea of doing something special for the 40 days leading up to Easter.  It’s so easy to let the season go by and miss the point of it all, which is Jesus. So I put together a collection of 40 Scriptures…

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4 Ideas for When Your Quiet Times Get Boring

It’s amazing, isn’t it? That our times with the infinite Creator of the Universe can sometimes feel…well…boring?! I assure you that it is not God’s fault! He is the most interesting Being ever, so why does it happen?  And how can we avoid it? It happens because we get stuck in a rut.  Or it happens because we make spending…

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60 Days of Happiness

I chose the book 60 Days of Happiness* as a gift  from Tyndale in exchange for a review on my site, and I am so HAPPY that I did! (Which is good because the book is all about happiness!!) I don’t need to write much about Randy Alcorn, the author.  He is a New York Times bestseller and the author…

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4 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation

We have all felt the sting of conviction and the heaviness of condemnation, but sometimes it can be hard to differentiate.  I used to walk with the burden of condemnation resting on my shoulders- often feeling as though I didn’t measure up.  But once I learned to tell the difference between the two, I was set free to follow Jesus’…

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God is Not Afraid of Your Sin

When asked which law was the most important, Jesus responded with, “Love.”  All the laws can be summed up in this one commandment: LOVE.  If we love Jesus, we won’t sin.  We will keep His commandments.  I used to see this verse as an instruction, now I see it as a description.  A description of what lovers of Jesus do: we…

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God is a Communicator

The underlying truth to the suggestion that God is a communicating God lies in His nature and character. It is literally impossible to read the Bible and not see God talking with His people in some form or another, and they in return, hearing Him. During the decade I served as a missionary in East Asia, it was imperative that…

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When Life Feels Like Apollo Creed

Sometimes life is a hard-hitter.  All you can do is try to make it through each round without getting knocked out.  Hopefully throw a few good jabs in there at times, but mostly just not get killed.  That’s a little how life has felt lately.  A lot of stinging like a bee, not as much floating like a butterfly. I…

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