Bye-Bye Boogeyman – A Spiritual Warfare Manual for Parents (and Their Kids!)

The more I hear from concerned parents about the nightmares and the fears plaguing their children, the more I felt compelled to write this little manual.  I wanted to offer a simple and practical guide on spiritual warfare for parents that will enable them to teach their children the basics of taking up our authority in Jesus without being weird and dramatic.

Spiritual warfare doesn’t have to be a hocus-pocus, wand-waving, cross-bearing, loudly shouting type of experience.  The Bible is clear: we are spiritual beings who live in a spiritual world.  We are also physical beings who live in a physical world.  We are both.  We have realities in both worlds.  Our experiences teach us this is true as well.  There are somethings that the physical world cannot give us answers to and vice versa.

This manual is full of Biblical principles and personal examples.  If address the importance of having a correct view of God and of His enemy and of our authority (in Him) over that enemy.  I have seen these principles work, and I believe that they can bring help to many families.

And by purchasing this manual, you are also helping to fund our non-profit missions work as well!

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