Mommy, Where Did I Come From?

Mommy, Where Did I Come From?

Have you ever been asked that question?  Where did we come from?  How are babies made?  How did I grow inside your tummy?  Legitimate questions!

The miracle of life never ceases to fascinate me.  I put together this simple children’s book during the time that we were living in East Asia.  Many, many, many people there have never been taught the process of life that occurs inside of a woman’s womb.  And to be honest, before I was pregnant, I didn’t realize that so many systems were in place in the first few weeks after conception!  (Did you know that just 4 weeks after conception, the heart is already beating?!) Continue reading

4 Ways to Tell the Difference Between Conviction and Condemnation

4 ways to tell the difference between condemnation and conviction

We have all felt the sting of conviction and the heaviness of condemnation, but sometimes it can be hard to differentiate.  I used to walk with the burden of condemnation resting on my shoulders- often feeling as though I didn’t measure up.  But once I learned to tell the difference between the two, I was set free to follow Jesus’ leading instead of the enemy’s accusations or my own thoughts.

(And this is not my own wisdom, many godly teachers over the past decade have echoed this truth to me.)

1. Conviction is specific.  Condemnation is vague.

Conviction is specific. Condemnation is vague. #Christian Click To Tweet

Conviction highlights a specific action or thought or word that was wrong.  Condemnation gives you a general feeling or sense that you are bad or you may have done something wrong, but you are not sure.  God doesn’t operate like that.  Why would a loving Father want you to feel bad and not tell you what you did wrong? Continue reading

Awesome List of FREE Christian Videos & Apps for Kids

I’m always looking for good shows for my kids to watch and apps for them to interact with.  And we have done a lot of traveling in the few short years that they have been alive.  Here’s a list of some of our favorite FREE ones:

Videos on YouTube:

2 Fish Talks I’ve just started this channel, and so far, my kids listen to me better when I’m on a screen!  I will be uploading daily Bible readings for both toddlers and elementary age kids (One Year Bible for Children). The videos are only 2-minutes each to help busy parents get their kids in the Word.  Launch date is September 2016, but there’s about 20 videos up now if you’d like to have a look! You can also connect with us on Facebook and get the 2-minute Bible reading videos directly on your feed.

Beginner’s Bible  Probably one of our house favorites.  Slow-paced enough that the younger kids can hang with it, and there’s lots of different stories to choose from.  Expands on what’s actually in Scripture to fill each story out to about 25 minutes, but I feel it’s still a pretty good representation.

Holy Tales Short 5-minute videos that cover lots of stories in the Bible.  Narrated by little green worms who speak with a cool Indian accent.

Bible for Kids  This channel has a list of many different Bible stories as well.  We have only watched one or two as they seem designed for older kids.

Listener Kids  Precious little music videos set to children’s praise and worship songs.  They are really cute.  My daughter likes these, and she is 2 1/2. Continue reading

What It’s REALLY Like to Live on the Mission Field

It’s cockroaches and invading ants.  It’s weird croaking lizards that wake you up in the middle of the night, night after night because you don’t know how to catch them or even what they look like if you tried.  It’s rats eating the garbage at night because people don’t own trash cans but throw their rubbish into a big heap.

It’s burning rice and taking 45 minutes to finish one meal because it takes you so long to get all of the rice in your mouth using chopsticks.  It’s peeing on your shoes multiple times a day, for months on end because you can’t master the squatty potty.

It’s covering your babies cribs with nets to protect them from mosquitoes and hoping that none with malaria sneak in.  It’s getting sick and going to the hospital only to have to report to the nurse in front of a room full of people all of your symptoms. Continue reading

God is Not Afraid of Your Sin

God is Not Afraid of Your Sin-2
When asked which law was the most important, Jesus responded with, “Love.”  All the laws can be summed up in this one commandment: LOVE.  If we love Jesus, we won’t sin.  We will keep His commandments.

 I used to see this verse as an instruction, now I see it as a description.  A description of what lovers of Jesus do: we love.  I find when I’m struggling to love, I need to know more of Jesus.  I need a new revelation of who He is.

The book, Loving Our Kids on Purpose has been shaking me to the core again.  I would recommend this book to everyone, even if you are not a parent (and especially if you are), because the author unfolds the truth of how God the Father parents us now out of a New Covenant relationship.  It is utterly and radically different to the Covenant of old. Continue reading

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