Christmas-Themed Gifts for Kids that Keep Jesus as the Focus

Christmas-Themed Gifts for Kids that Keep Jesus as the Focus

One of my favorite Christmas songs growing up was “Happy Birthday, Jesus,” and in fact, it still is.

I love the lyrics: “Happy Birthday, Jesus.  We’re so glad it’s Christmas.  All the tinsel and lights, and the presents are nice, but the real gift is you.”  It still brings tears to my eyes.  He is the beautiful reason that we celebrate the season.  He is the true gift.

Here is a short list of gifts* for your children that can help keep Jesus as the focus:

Shepherd on the SearchShepherd on the Search.  This is one of my absolute favorite new gifts!  I just have never been able to bring myself to do the Elf on the Shelf as it puts so much focus on someone who is not the Birthday Boy (Jesus).  This sweet, little shepherd, however, is all about Jesus!  He’s trying to find Him and everyday up until Christmas, he’s searching for Him.  I love this little shepherd.  I hope you love him too.  Check it out here.

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A Christian Response to America’s Healthcare

A Christian Response to America's Healthcare

Does God have an answer to the nation’s healthcare woes?

It seems the US is in a healthcare crisis.  Not everyone feel the burden of this crisis, but many do, so as a nation we carry it together.  The costs of modern healthcare in the country are ludicrous.  I paid $10 in China to have an ultrasound.  I pay nearly $200 here.  Same kind of machines.  Cost of living in that particular city, similar to here.

Insurance has become the godfather of the American medical system. There have been times where we’ve had to haggle with insurance to get the care that our doctors informed us we needed.  People are charged hundreds of thousands of dollars for procedures so that they can continue to LIVE.  (I recently read  an article about a company charging $1,000 per pill for a medicine that cures Hepatitis C thought it costs only a fraction of that to produce.)

Something is desperately wrong.  Something is broken.  How can it be fixed?  Is it really just the government’s job?

I believe it is the government’s job to enforce justice.  I also believe in businesses having the freedom to market their products as supply and demand sees fit.  But when insurance and pharmaceutical and healthcare BUSINESSES jack up the prices to the point that the average American cannot afford these costs, then it has become unethical.  Why?  Because healthcare was never intended to be a business.  It was always meant to be a SERVICE. Continue reading

Rediscovering America’s True National Heritage

Rediscovering America's True National Heritage

As a child, I wouldn’t say I was overly interested in history as a subject.  But recently, I have been very curious about the history of my nation, America.  I have become increasingly convinced of the importance of knowing our roots, both good and bad.

I grew up under the notion that the US was founded on Christian values and principles, but in the past couple of decades, that notion has been challenged, and I wanted to discover what the truth was.

When I read this book, The Light and the Glory,* many of my questions were answered.  The authors set out on the same plight as I had- to discover the true origins of the country we now know as the USA.

I was concerned at first that the book would be overly biased, a glorifying of the conquests of white settlers, but I was happy to see that it was not.  I feel the authors gave an honest and accurate (their research is impressive) account of the formation of our present-day country. Continue reading

God Will Not Choose Our Next President; We Will

God Will Not Choose Our Next President, We Will

Who will actually be deciding the outcome of the November elections here in the US?  It can be easy to think that God is up in Heaven with His chess pieces, and in the end, He will determine who will lead our nation, so really it doesn’t even matter how we vote.  It’s as if God’s rigging it.

But I no longer see it that way.  I think we will determine who will lead our nation by how we vote (and how we pray).

God loves freedom.  It’s true that He does have the final say.  He is in charge of the universe, but He is not a micro-manager.  It’s also true that the Bible says that He can raise up and tear down whom He chooses.  I believe He does this when it’s necessary to accomplish His overall purposes, but it seems that the norm is for God to leave most of the control up to us. Continue reading

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